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Physiological and pharmacological action of bee products
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Propolis is a mixture of resin and pollen, beeswax and other antibacterial nature, a 5-6 million bee colonies, one day can only 0.2-1.2 grams of propolis production, therefore propolis is very precious, by scientists known as the "purple gold".
12 functions of propolis:
1 regulation of immune function
The state authorities confirmed that: Propolis is a precious natural broad-spectrum resistance to biomass, which is a variety of ingredients on the bacteria, fungi, viruses, have inhibitory, killing effect. Can significantly enhance the phagocytic capacity of macrophages, increase antibody production, and enhance the body's resistance to disease and self healing, so that people are less sick, not sick.
2 Purification of blood function
Clinical proof: propolis of high blood fat, high cholesterol, hypertension, high blood viscosity degree significant regulatory role, can soften blood vessels, improve microcirculation, anti thrombosis, cardiovascular protection, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. Therefore, propolis is known as "vascular scavenger.
3 skin care beauty function
Propolis, natural beauty substances, consumption of propolis can comprehensive regulation of the endocrine, reducing lipofuscin generation and deposition, promote the regeneration of the subcutaneous tissue. Can prevent the skin lesions, decomposition of the stain, reduce wrinkles, eliminate acne and inflammation, so that the skin is a natural beauty, smooth, ruddy, full of elasticity.
4 propolis and diabetes
Propolis of trypsin and many kinds of active enzyme and antiviral group, can restore pancreas function; flavonoid and terpenoid substances can promote the exogenous glucose to glycogen synthesis and bi-directional regulation of blood sugar. Propolis can activate cells, promote tissue regeneration and repair of lesion of pancreatic islet cells and tissues, the gradual elimination of diabetes "a little" symptom.
5 antioxidant function
Propolis has recognized the natural antioxidant, has a very strong antioxidant capacity, and can improve the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD), can stabilize and remove free radicals, reduce the formation and deposition of lipid peroxide, protect cell membrane, enhance cell activity, regulate the function of organs, effectively delay aging.
6 anti fatigue function
Propolis can enhance the activity of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), to produce more ATP, in the metabolic process releases energy and is therefore referred to as the source of energy and vitality. The body energy is abundant and smooth metabolism, effectively remove metabolic waste, you can restore physical strength, make people energetic, full of vigor and vitality.
7 anti liver detoxification function
Propolis Dihuang ketones, lignans and other substances to remove blood and liver cell regeneration and energy metabolism, strengthen the body's immune ability; terpenes can reduce transaminase, prevent cirrhosis of the liver. Propolis can not only make the treatment of hepatitis B, also has a very good effect on liver cirrhosis.
8 nursing oral function
The propolis anesthesia, diminishing inflammation, sterilization, promote the tissue regeneration, of oral ulcer, periodontitis, toothache, sore throat pain, bad breath, etc. oral diseases have a special role. Will propolis solution drops directly on the surface of the skin can quickly relieve pain, and the formation of propolis 9 and a layer of thin film and has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal etc., and taking propolis, both effective and convenient.
9 anticancer function
Propolis has a broad spectrum of anticancer, by strengthening the immune surveillance function, identify and kill cancer cells, inhibit the metabolic activity of carcinogens, enhance the normal cell membrane activity, the cell membrane around the breakdown of fibrin, prevent normal cell cancer or cancer cell metastasis. Patients with surgery or radiotherapy, the consumption of propolis can reduce the toxic and side effects, normal appetite, body immunity.
10 mental function
The effects of propolis on Helicobacter pylori, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, bacillus, Escherichia coli and other pathogenic bacteria were significant. Enteritis, gastritis, gastric ulcer patients after eating propolis, rapid anti-inflammatory pain, ulcer healing, and will not cause the digestive tract parasitic flora imbalance, but also to eliminate toxins, enhance the intestinal worm, and effectively relieve constipation.
11 adjustment of the function of menopause disorders
Propolis contains rich nutrients and active substances, can promote endocrine activity and tissue regeneration, enhance the cell activity, antibacterial anti-inflammatory, regulating the plant nerve function, the endocrine disorders of women's menopause, dysfunction of the autonomic nervous function, and the function of organ tissue aging.
12 smoking cessation function
Experts believe that propolis quit mechanism is: (1) to purify the blood and enhance blood oxygen carrying capacity, reduce the dependence on tobacco; (2) modulate the function of autonomic nervous system, strengthen self-discipline effect, weakening conditioned reflex caused by the urge to smoke; (3) lasting effect to the oral mucosa and tongue taste buds, so that smokers weak smoking enjoyment.
Efficacy of royal jelly
Royal jelly contains a large number of bioactive substances, they are on the body of the nervous system and endocrine system has the activation and complement, through the nerve to further make the body parts of the metabolic function recovery and coordination. First, the metabolism of the hematopoietic system and circulatory system has been improved and improved, so that the function of the body of the body is soon to be restored and strengthened. Effect of royal jelly on the human body is in many aspects, including increase appetite, promote sleep and metabolism, improve body immunity and disease resistance, accelerate the patient's rehabilitation and so on, clinical trials show that the metabolism and senile disease effect is very good.
The pharmacology and health effects of royal jelly can be summarized as follows:
A: protein, amino acids, prolong life determines the life. Royal jelly can promote the synthesis of protein and cell regeneration, and the aging of the cells quickly replaced by new cells. Royal jelly can significantly improve body immunity and for all kinds of bad environment of resist strength, regulate the body's metabolism, maintain the balance of all, to reduce the mortality of nature and to prolong life and tissues of the body. Royal jelly can promote the growth and development of the body, regulating the kidney, brain, intestine, stomach, liver function, calm spirit, to prevent the occurrence of aging.
Second, the ideal drug renew one's youth: the so-called "renew one's youth" refers to those who have the aging organ function recovery and strengthening. Royal jelly can restore the balance of material metabolism, improve the hemoglobin of patients with anemia, strengthen the heart, brain blood capillaries, atherosclerosis, stenosis, ulcers and physical weakness are good effects. Royal jelly can make the old man's memory and vision was improved, and the One's spirits are flourishing., restore youthful luster.
Third, anti-cancer effects: cancer is a kind of fear of disease, medical experiments show that the royal jelly has the effect of inhibiting the growth and proliferation of cancer cells, can counteract the cause of cancer (the cause is still unknown), reduce the time factor, disease factors and toxic factors, improve the biological function of protection. Experts believe that the royal jelly contains a number of anti-cancer factors, they have a local inhibition of tumor. Royal jelly has metabolic regulation function, which has the role of the balance of amino acids. Royal jelly has a positive effect on the oxidation of cells, so it can prevent leukemia and ascites.
Fourth, royal jelly is good maternal and child health care products: Royal Jelly so that fertility is improved, pregnancy taking royal jelly is not only I benefited, neonatal in all aspects will very healthy, royal jelly can promote the growth of the fetus and infant development in preterm infants and malnourished infants, royal jelly is best acquired tonic, taking royal jelly can completely change the child's health status. Royal jelly combined with some pollen for the restoration of the young woman's appearance and body shape has a significant effect. Make it more compact, full of elasticity and luster.
Fifth, the role of the cerebral nervous system: royal jelly can stimulate the nervous system, causes the body to produce excitement and pleasure. Make energy, physical recovery, quick thinking, so that the mental and emotional state of the best. Royal jelly and can promote the regeneration of the organization of nerve, nervous breakdown, insomnia, amnesia, depression, etc..
Its six, the role of the blood circulation system: royal jelly has a special role in the expansion of blood vessels, so that patients with myocardial infarction, angina, etc.. Royal jelly can balance blood pressure, reduce blood ester and blood cholesterol, can prevent atherosclerosis, greatly reduce mortality. Royal jelly can also be excited by the hematopoietic function of bone marrow.
Seventh, the royal jelly has strong antibacterial, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects. Royal jelly has the effect of inhibiting the growth of a variety of bacteria, can quickly eliminate inflammation and treatment of various ulcers. At the same time, royal jelly can promote wound healing, help the organization of repair. Royal jelly or good natural preservatives and biological inhibitors.
Its eight, strengthen the function of prevention and control of menopause disorders. Royal jelly contains promote gonadal hormone like substances, Queen difference on the worker bees and has strong reproductive capacity mainly lies in his life to eat royal jelly. Those who have been treated with royal jelly claim that they have been satisfied with their sexual life. Royal jelly also enable fertility is improved, especially suitable for age as a result of fertility decline, of course, but also for other reasons cause of infertility. Climacteric disorder is a disease caused by an imbalance of autonomic nervous function, due to physiological and psychological aging, sex hypofunction, especially prone to dizziness, face, hands, feet, fever, chills, shoulder and sinking, sleepless, hands and feet numbness, unusual fatigue, thoughts, irritability and mood swings and so on, taking royal jelly can improve and elimination of the above symptoms.
Its nine, the impact on the endocrine: royal jelly is a good regulator of the body, can reduce blood sugar, so that the body's coordination work.
Using propolis to reduce disease problems
1 cold
Propolis 10 drops of warm water half a cup of drink, sooner or later each time, the prevention of influenza. At the outbreak of the flu, a 20 drops of propolis extract. Pour half a glass of water, a toast to inhalation of water vapor, instantly nasal patency, throat comfort. Slowly add water, can make the water vapor lasts longer. The water vapor appears, but on behalf of the tea.
2 stomach pain
Propolis 10 drops of warm boiling water, half a cup of drink, before each time, can prevent gastrointestinal disease. In the case of stomach, with 20 drops of propolis, drink half a cup of boiling water, slowly swallowing, rapid pain relief.
3 sore throat
10 drops of propolis, tea 1 grams, acacia honey 1 spoon, boiling water for drinking.

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