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Royal jelly knowledge
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One, what is the royal jelly?

Royal jelly is a paste material secreted by worker bees palate specifically for Queen and bee larvae eat the milky white or pale yellow. Fresh royal jelly was acidic, pH value of 3.5 - 4.5, partially soluble in water.

Two, the main ingredients of royal jelly

Research shows that the composition of royal jelly is very complex, containing protein, fat, vitamins, sugars and other nutrients. Fresh royal jelly water about 62.5-70%, dry matter of about 30-37.5%. Royal jelly of dry matter in the protein content was the most, accounting for about 36-55%; other ingredients such as 12 kinds of free amino acids accounted for 0.8%, sugar accounted for more than 20%, including 10 hydroxy decanoic acid, fatty acid, lipid content for 7.5-15% and minerals as 0.9-3%. In addition, royal jelly also contains vitamin, nucleic acid, hormone and other less content of the material.

Three, royal jelly how to store?

Royal jelly is a kind of natural product with high activity, influence factors of its active components with seven: sunshine, temperature, air, metals, bacteria, acid and alkali, royal jelly to temperature was most sensitive to the in royal jelly at 4 DEG C can be stored for three months, in - 5 DEG C in the refrigerator can save 1 year, in 18 degrees can be stored for 2 years, the air of the royal jelly has oxidation, light of the royal jelly is reduction.

Four, royal jelly how to eat?

1, early, late each time, every 3-5 grams, take better effect. Under the tongue containing clothing, or with warm water delivery service, do not heat consumption.

2, the frail and the symptoms heavier, can increase the amount of dose increases, has no side effects. High blood pressure, high blood lipids, coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases, in the morning or before bedtime 2-3 hours to take the appropriate. Royal jelly is different from general tonic. Not only because of its rich nutrition but also regulate body functions, eliminate body fault. Therefore, every day is indeed a great value to enjoy.

3, including service. Take a small amount of fresh royal jelly (2-5 grams) contained in the tongue, the effect is obvious.

4 for care: selected 1000 grams of high-quality honey to join 100-200 grams of fresh royal jelly, stirring, placed in the refrigerator, 1-2 times a day, each 20 grams, warm water send service, or blunt, if have unwell, taken after meals (at a time when taking the best mixing, or Akira uniform, because of royal jelly, the proportion of small, easy to float). For medical treatment, every 1000 grams of honey can be added to 300-500 grams of fresh royal jelly.

Bee glue

Propolis (Propolis) is a complex compound, which is a complex compound, which is mixed with the internal secretion of the plant. It is a very valuable and very effective bee product with health care and medical treatment. The effective use of propolis is a miracle in nature, in Europe called it "the magic of medicine", Asia called it "the greatest natural material of this century".

Propolis comes resins in the nature of the secretion of glue source plant new buds and bark, by bees acquisition brought into the hive, and mixed with mandibular gland and wax gland secretions, such as ingredients, fine processing of colloidal material. In general, in the production of the season, each group of bees (5-6 million bees only) 0.2 grams per day can produce only about.

Ingredient of a bee:

Propolis ingredients is very complex, mainly flavonoids (flavone, flavonol and flavanone) compounds, terpenoids, aromatic acid, acid bacteria family, quinones, aldehyde, ether compounds; organic acids, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, polysaccharides, mineral trace elements and other substances. Because of the complexity of propolis and unique ingredients, giving the magic of propolis. Propolis is characterized by a large number of flavonoids and rich.

There are more than 20 kinds of flavonoids have been identified, including 2 species of the first discovery of the nature of the human being, is the unique ingredients of propolis. Flavonoids include a class of compounds such as flavonoids, flavonoids, flavonoids, double hydrogen, flavonoids, isoflavones, double - hydrogen isoflavone, check - up, flower pigment and so on. Propolis contains rich and unique flavonoids, terpenes and other many active substances, so that propolis has unique biological functions, a variety of its physiological activity has attracted in the medical field at home and abroad, food industry attaches great importance to.

Two methods for the consumption of propolis:

Propolis is a very effective natural product, has a strong pharmacological effect, has a very high utilization value. Many domestic and foreign experiments have confirmed that the toxicity of propolis is very low, and the adverse drug reactions are not obvious. The use of propolis, due to the production of different manufacturers of propolis liquid content is different, each time is also different. The specific amount of service should be carried out according to the instruction manual. Based on the content of propolis for about 25% of propolis extracts, for example, first use 1-3 drops should, no allergic reaction and then gradually increase the dosage. General health care, daily doses of 6-10 drops around can be, up to 15 drops; if used for medical treatment, daily 2-3 times, each 15-20 point (about 2-3 ml); children under the age of 10, each time the amount of half or less some suitable. But very few people (allergies) of propolis have allergic reactions. In the event of propolis allergy, in vitro smear cause skin irritation of hair raising person, usable 1 - 2% sodium bicarbonate soda solution rinse incidence area, then coated with a zinc oxide paste or cortisol (prednisone ointment), long time no can be cured. Cause difficulty breathing, sweating, nausea and other allergic to propolis oral, time is generally not long will heal, attack is extremely serious, near the hospital for treatment.

Incidentally a sentence: the hive is collected directly from the hair gel is opaque lumps or clastic and contains various impurities in the hive, especially the content of the heavy metals, if direct consumption is obviously great harm to health. Only after the separation and purification of the processing, filtering out all kinds of impurities, and make the content of heavy metals to meet the national requirements of the indicators, such as propolis is the cure".

Physiological and pharmacological action of bee products
Knowledge of propolis
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