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Knowledge of propolis
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Propolis (Propolis) is a complex compound, which is a complex compound, which is mixed with the internal secretion of the plant. It is a very valuable and very effective bee product with health care and medical treatment. Propolis is the material basis for the survival, reproduction and development of bees. Scientists from various countries have confirmed that propolis has strong inhibition and killing effect on virus, bacteria and fungi, and has no side effect on normal cells. Propolis is activation of immune factors. It contains flavonoid compounds and a variety of active ingredients, can significantly improve the human immunity, diabetes, cancer, high blood lipids, leukemia and other a variety of chronic disease has better prevention and treatment effect.

Propolis is not only significant medicinal value, and is also a natural nutritious food, often taking propolis products, effectively regulate the human endocrine system, decomposition in vivo toxicity, enhance physical fitness, and can purify the blood, promoting blood circulation, nutrition skin, anti-aging.

And about propolis products we are a lot of people are not too understanding, then the propolis in the end should be how to recognize it?

One, propolis is not antibiotics, but natural nutrition health food. Propolis is a bee from resin glue source plant new student branch of the axillary buds, buds, trauma were collected, and the bees into the gland secretions, repeated processing and conversion into a jelly like substance. It is a kind of precious honey bee product that is made by the human being and the human being. It is a kind of precious honey bee product, which makes many kinds of active ingredients and active substances.

And antibiotics are the chemical substances produced by microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, etc.). All kinds of antibiotics, whether directed or semi synthetic or synthetic technology, are the essence of the industrial production.

Because propolis contains a variety of natural substances, with the disease resistance of the original microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, pathogenic bacteria), so some people will be the propolis is an antibiotic, it is not scientific, from a scientific point of view: Propolis is not an antibiotic, it is not a typical natural antibiotics".

Two, in accordance with the health food production conditions of propolis production enterprises, can reach the national standards for the development of lead content. Lead content is not unique, all of the food, medicine, cosmetics and other problems, the relevant departments of the state has formulated the relevant product standards, excessive product is judged to be substandard.

The lead content exceed the standard problem of propolis, mainly in raw materials, so we can say the raw propolis can not directly edible. Lead separation technology is a basic technology of food processing, in accordance with the health food production conditions of enterprises, in the guidance of propolis technology can be resolved. Health department, the State Food and Drug Administration approval of propolis health food, all through the designated authority of strict safety and toxicological evaluation and health effects evaluation, consumption is safe and effective.

Three, propolis health effect is obvious, the consumption of propolis should not be interrupted. The Ministry of health, March 5, 2002, [2002]51, a document released by the Ministry of health: Propolis is an item that can be used in health food. The health food production of propolis is the main raw material, which has the functions of immune regulation, improving sleep, regulating blood fat, regulating blood sugar, improving the function of gastrointestinal tract, inhibiting tumor, anti fatigue, anti-aging, anti-oxidation and so on.

Propolis contains more than 20 categories, more than 300 kinds of natural ingredients, the main effect of propolis ingredients are flavonoids, terpenes and other natural compounds. Propolis health food, as a dietary flavonoid, terpene compounds such as lack of a useful supplement, regulate the physiological functions of the body play health care effect.

Propolis health food gentle and effective, flat non-toxic, four safe, safe to eat. A large number of practice has proved that: Food and health food, health food, good for human health. Of note, allergic caution.

Four, it is worth attention.

It is worth noting that there are some problems in the current market of propolis products. Focus on the good and the bad quality of the products, most of the enterprises of propolis products is good, is indeed the poor quality of products, and even fake and shoddy products, if such products to the detriment of consumers, it is individual enterprises, instead of propolis products. Some enterprises for their own interests, exaggerated or false propaganda and unfair competition, misleading consumers are the black sheep of the propolis industry, will cause confusion and harm to propolis market.

Propolis use is also very extensive:

Anti hyperlipidemia and hypertension

Propolis can improve blood vessel elasticity and permeability, vasodilation, remove the blood vessel inner product storage, purify the blood, reduce blood viscosity. Can prevent high blood lipids and atherosclerosis, but also can effectively reduce the content of glycerol three fat, reduce platelet aggregation, play a role in easing and two-way regulation of blood pressure.

2, the prevention of diabetes

Diabetes is not terrible, terrible is a complication of diabetes. According to the statistics, the main cause of death and disability of diabetes is the infection of the pathogen and the disease of heart and brain blood vessel. And propolis not only has a good bactericidal anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, purify the blood, strengthen the immune function, but also has a significant effect on lowering blood lipids, lowering blood sugar, softening blood vessels, etc., therefore, propolis has a very important significance for diabetic patients.

3, liver function

With broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity of propolis, not only can inhibit and kill hepatitis virus, and to strengthening the body's immune function, so that hepatitis B negative. In addition, the flavonoids in propolis and other substances have a strong protective effect on the liver, which can decompose the liver toxins, reduce the liver poisoning, and promote the recovery of liver cells. At the same time, propolis has obvious detoxification Qingre function, blood vessels are garbage scavengers.

4, the magic of propolis

Propolis is oral scavenger, toothache, sore throat nemesis, can be irremediable, try it.

5, help the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases

Recent studies have found that gastrointestinal diseases, especially gastrointestinal ulcers, are caused by an anti - Helicobacter pylori. And propolis pine genus, chrysin against Helicobacter pylori has a strong role in the killing, long-term use, can make the stomach pain gradually disappeared and the ulcer healed.

6, skin care beauty

Functions closely related to the skin and internal organs, the skin microcirculation, malnutrition, toxins, constipation and other will sensitively reflect to the skin, make the skin become rough, had brown spots, acne, old, and the use of propolis can not only eliminate toxin, blood purification, improve microcirculation, but also to prevent lipid peroxidation, reduce pigmentation, disappeared in the unconscious of the toxins, acne, chloasma.

7, prevention and treatment of tumor

Propolis has a specific damage to cancer cells, can enhance the normal cell membrane activity, the cell membrane around the breakdown of fibrin, to prevent cell cancer or cancer cell metastasis. In addition, propolis extract can stimulate immune function and gamma globulin activity and enhancement of antibody production and enhancement of macrophage migration. So as to improve the body's resistance, reduce the occurrence of cancer.

Propolis is a collection of the bees from the gum source plant of the new bud and callus collection of secretions, add the secretion of the gland and pollen, such as mixed with the sticky substance. Propolis contains more than 300 kinds of different compounds, with a strong antibacterial, antioxidant and preservative effect; has a strong physiological and pharmacological functions, not only can use, can also be taken orally. For external use can be used to treat burns, burns, and stop bleeding, pain, the treatment of a variety of skin diseases with auxiliary functions. Oral administration of high blood fat, high cholesterol, high blood viscosity has obvious adjustment function, can prevent the accumulation of cholesterol increases within the artery and collagen fibers in liver, have the function of preventing and treating atherosclerosis, thrombosis, known as the "blood scavenger"; from propolis on the gastrointestinal system inflammation and ulcers have a good the role of prevention and adjuvant therapy; insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, propolis and its preparation, can improve the condition, development and prevent complications, so as to improve the quality of life of patients; for gastric cancer, esophageal cancer and other diseases, propolis has certain auxiliary therapeutic effect; long-term use of propolis can significantly improve the body immune regulation ability. But propolis is a kind of exogenous substances, people with allergies, the minority should be used with caution, or under the guidance of a doctor.

So how to choose propolis products?

Propolis itself is non-toxic, but in the production process of propolis has a lot of pollution opportunities, heavy metals, especially lead content is too high, easily handle taking, there will be a lot of danger. Due to the extraction process is very complex, the method will produce two kinds of possible: one is the original gum impurities including some heavy metals harmful components can not be removed; two is to remove impurities and harmful ingredients, can not retain the 20 major categories of 300 kinds of active ingredients, so the effect is greatly reduced. Expert of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to remind consumers to purchase and use propolis products to see there is no national Ministry of health health food approval number. Regular products through expert demonstration, strict inspection, the effect is exact, reliable quality. Two to understand the specific functions of the Ministry of health, said a much hype.

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